Mario Gutiérrez, founder and emblematic guitarist of Los Ángeles Negros, passes away

His sons confirmed the death of the 71 year-old musician.

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Viernes 22 de Ene, 2021 - 23:01

The legendary group Los Ángeles Negros communicated the death of Mario Gutiérrez, founder, musical director and historical guitarist of the band, through their social media. He died at the age of 71.

Sources close to the musician told ADN radio that his death occurred after he had symptoms of Covid-19, which got worse because of his diabetes. His wife, who had underlying diseases as well, also died last Wednesday.

“Let us join in a heartfelt prayer so that his transition will be peaceful, and so he will be welcomed with a choir of Heavenly Angels for his eternal rest,” was part of the statement posted on behalf of his sons.

“Daddy, we, your sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren, are eternally grateful for choosing us as your descendants. Fly high and may the well-deserved praise you received accompany you. We will meet again,” they wrote.

Gutiérrez’s death happened almost five months after Luis Astudillo, the group’s emblematic drummer, passed away.

Los Ángeles Negros, an institution that fused rock musical instruments with romantic melodies, was founded in 1968 in San Carlos. The group was composed of Cristián Blasser, Sergio Rojas and Mario Gutiérrez at the time. Later on, Germaín de la Fuente would join and be part of it until 1974.

The group visited Mexico regularly in that year, although it wasn’t until 1982 that they settled permanently in that country. In 2018, they celebrated their 50-year anniversary with a great party at the Teatro Metropólitan of the Aztec capital.

Last year, the group had an online concert in July during the pandemic. However, it had to be canceled due to health problems of one of the members, as Gutiérrez himself had pointed out.

On December 15, via YouTube, there was a streaming of the Posada Sueños y Esperanzas, in which Los Ángeles Negros played along with Mexican performers. It’s the most recent show published on the official account of the band.

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